Im Back!

Hey guys, I apologise for not being on here for so long. Been busy with life, school etc. I will be doing more outfits soon and sadly it will only be me doing it. My brother quit doing it ūüė¶ ¬†I have some really cool outfits to show you guys so keep a look out!

Boy Styles #2

Yo! My name is Gavin and this time I made A Dj. Hope you like it as much as I do.



The hair, the glasses, and the headphones are from the new you shop. The pants, shirt, and jacket are from the rock star outfit. Buy the robot dance from the store and activate it. Press space and go party at the disco.

The total cost of this outfit is 275 credits (For the rock star outfit)

More to come soon!


Boy Styles #1

Hi, I’m Gavin and I am in charge in doing all of the boy costumes. If you want to see girl costumes go and check out Girl Style. This is my first costume I have made and I hope you like it.


The hair buy the gamer dude outfit from the store. Any color or skin color you would like. Get the shirt from the sky hawk warrior red outfit and the chest armour from it too. The belt, cape, and the sword is from the Templar knights in the store. You can get the navy blue pants in the new you shop in home island.

Girl Styles #1

If you don’t¬†already know me my name is Jordan and I am a HUGE Poptropica fan. One of my favorite things to do on Poptropica¬†is to make different costumes and outfits for them, so this is exactly what I want to show you. ¬†If you want to see Boy Styles, Gavin will be doing those soon.

So today I want to share with you the little mermaid costume I made. I hope you like it!



Get the hair from the Vampire 1 outfit from the store. Dye your hair a dark red and keep your skin quite light.You can pick whatever lips you like. If you like mine, buy the Biker from the store and use her lips. You can get the crown from the Fairy queen at the store. Get the shirt and necklace from the Mythology Surfer at the store. The skirt you get at mythology island where you find Zeus. You can get the trident in mythology island from Poseidon but you have to go through pretty much the whole island to get it.(I already finished the island) Lastly, go to the store and get the Followers classic pack and use the bubble (Optional)

And that is it! This will count up to a total 55o credits or 1275 credits (Counting the lips and the bubble follower) So yes, it does get a bit pricey but, if you are a Poptropica fan like me, you would probably have most or all of this stuff. If you have any suggestions on other girl outfits you might want me to make make a comment below. That is all for now! Hope you liked it!

Poptropica’s 9th Birthday! Review.


Gavin thought the birthday celebration was good, he liked the hat and balloon but I kinda have to disagree with him. I wish the creators could have done some kind of event or something to make it more fun. When I put the hat and balloon on it was fun, for a few minutes. All and all it wasn’t too bad but I do think next year will be lots better. Ten years! Well, let me know by commenting below if you agree or disagree to Gavin or I. You can also comment on what other posts we should make. That is all for now! We will be posting soon!

Wardrobe #1

Hey, This is our first outfit post and I hope you guys like it. Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions on other outfits.

Now in Australia it is spring break so I thought Gavin and I could make some back to school outfits. I hope you guys enjoy:)





School Girl


Hair: Go to the Red Dragon island and in the tree house get Annie’s hair. Hair color to taste.

Shirt: Get the shirt at the New You store.

Skirt: Get the skirt at the New You store.

Backpack: Get the backpack and backpack straps at the Red dragon island and in the tree house go to jack for them.

Other: you can get the freckles at the New You store. The mouth you get in the red dragon island on either Jack or Annie




School Boy

Hat: Get the Hat from the Baseball fielder at the store.

Hair: The hair is part of the hat.

Shirt:Get the shirt from the baseball batter at the store.

Backpack: Get the backpack from Jack in Red Dragon island

Pants: Get whatever blue pants you find at the New You store or any Common room.

Other: Get the freckles at the New You Store or a Common room.



This is all for now and I hope you guys like it!

-Gavin and Jordan